Bissari Confederation

The Bissari Confederation, a confederation of planets and solar systems that united against common enemies and found strength in numbers. This is the chronicle of the current affairs and events of the Bissari Confederation.


Bond Mates

Book One in the Bissari Confederation Series

 Thane ap del Kala is an officer in the Bissari Confederation’s military, while on leave a chance meeting leaves him face to face with his soul mate. Through out Mykel Breyan Treadway’s unlikely profession he has met people from all walks of life, but none called to him like soldier sitting at the bar did. The man gives him a life altering choice and Breyan must take a leap of faith.






Solar Storm

Book Two in the Bissari Confederation Series

Baynebridge Cormack, youngest son of a high powered business man, lives a reckless and carefree lifestyle. While on vacation with friends, the luxury starship they are riding on rips in half, separating Baynebridge from his friends and leaving him with life threatening injuries, vulnerable to kidnappers and slavers.

Rogan, Captain and owner of the SkyHawk, takes the young man aboard when no other ship will, knowing the danger he’s in and tries to hide his whereabouts from those trying to force the Confederation’s political hand.

The two men fall in love unexpectedly, but can their love survive run-ins with saboteurs, kidnappers and unexpected danger from within Baynebridge’s own family?












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