Roping His Man Excerpt


Colton Greenleaf pulled his Jeep Wrangler Safari to a stop in front of the sprawling two-story ranch house butted up against the setting sun and inhaled deeply. Rest and relaxation in the cool mountain air was just what the doctor ordered—or in this case, the Physician’s Assistant, Colton thought, smiling to himself. He planned to do just that for the next few weeks while he waited to hear if he got the job as a P.A. in the trauma centre at the Medical Centre of Louisiana at New Orleans on the outskirts of the French Quarter. Graduating with a four-point-oh from Duke University’s Physician’s Assistant program and high scores on the PANCE, the Physician’s Assistant National Certification Exam, in addition to his volunteer work, would hopefully help him secure the job.

For now though, he had at least two full weeks of carefree idleness—something he hadn’t enjoyed since he started college almost seven years ago. The only thing that would make the next few weeks better would be getting laid, but that wasn’t about to happen when he was three hours from Casper, forty-five minutes to Cody and fifteen minutes to the small town of Buffalo Heart Springs, which boasted a human population of eighteen hundred and seventy-six, and a livestock population of easily five times that.

“Evening, Colt,” a low male voice said, the sound was familiar and sent shivers through his body, straight to his cock. “Welcome home.”

Damn. Of all the people he had to meet now. He should have realised that the man would be still here and wandering around. He willed his erection away and failed.

“Hiya, Hawk. And it’s Colton.” He prayed he sounded calmer than he felt. The older man had been the source of most of Colton’s fantasies since Hawk had shown up on the ranch two weeks after his sixteenth birthday, slipping into Colton’s thoughts during classes and late night study sessions even when he was on the other side of the country. Colton had a feeling that he could be on the other side of Pluto and still be affected by the gorgeous man. “Thanks, it’s good to be here. Missed it.” Missed you.

“Long drive?” Hawk asked, smiling though concern laced the older man’s voice.

“Yes. Stayed at a hotel about an hour this side of Lincoln last night. Drove the last eleven or so hours today,” Colton replied, trying to replay the lectures, scenery, the women in his cohort, anything to soften his erection. It was a losing battle. Hawk’s voice thundered through his body and enveloped his cock, hardening it. Colt could only hope his parents weren’t home. He’d forgotten to call when he’d stopped in Shoshoni for gas and food to let them know he would be home tonight.

Hawk raised an eyebrow. “You look beat, Colt, let me give you a hand.”

“I was going to leave it until morning, but thanks.”

“Go see your folks, I’ll start bringing it to your room,” Hawk suggested.

“But—you—you don’t have to. I can get it. I just wanted to wait until morning when I could unpack and put things away,” Colton stammered. He hated it when the ranch hands tried to help him out, it made him feel weak and inferior. He was pretty sure they didn’t mean to, but it didn’t change anything.

“If you don’t want your mom’s help in the morning, I suggest starting tonight,” Hawk replied, giving him a knowing smile. “I won’t even peek.”

Damn. Hawk was right. There were some things he didn’t want his mom to see. His box of toys, books, and magazines for starters. He hadn’t quite worked out how to tell his folks he was gay. Staying away made it easy to ignore the topic, so did keeping his grades up. He’d barely been home in the last three years. Colton ran a hand through his hair, blew out a breath, shrugged into his backpack before lifting the large box out of the front seat, keeping it firmly out in front of him. Out of the corner of his eye, he watched Hawk’s muscles flex as he grabbed a couple more boxes from the back seat.

“Thanks, Hawk, I appreciate it,” he said, leading the way up to the house.

The front door flew open. The porch lights came on, flooding the area.

“Colton Tyler Greenleaf! How dare you not call and tell us you were going to be home tonight!” his mother shouted, pulling him down into an awkward hug. Colton leant into her, before standing and being slapped on the back by his father.

“Hi Mom! I’m sorry, I meant to call from Shoshoni, but I forgot, and cell signal is really bad in the mountains.”

“Good to see you, son!” his father smiled. “Didn’t realise you were moving back in.”

Colton sighed and studied his dad. Jared Greenleaf was a couple of inches taller than his own six-two, but unlike him, was built like a linebacker. Once solid-black hair was now salt and pepper. Lines creased his features, but still he looked slightly younger than his sixty-two years. “Hi Dad. I’m not, just between homes right now. I’m waiting to hear on a couple of jobs, coming home seemed like a better idea than staying in Durham, pacing and waiting. Besides, I’m pretty sure I’ll be busy for the first year or so, and being low man on the totem pole, I won’t get the good vacation times.”

“How are the animals, Hawk?” his father asked, turning to Hawk.

“Fine. Was on my way back from checking on them when Colt pulled in. Just giving him a hand with his boxes before I turn in for the night,” Hawk replied. “I’ll put these in your room, Colt, there is a suitcase and another box left in the front. Two boxes in the rear.”

“Thanks, Hawk. The rest of boxes can stay there, they’re just books. I’ll grab my suitcase in a bit,” Colton answered. He didn’t want his parents to get the impression he was staying for more than a couple of weeks. He’d grown up here at the ranch, but he didn’t want to stay here. He loved the city, and the twenty-four hour, faster-paced life. Where he could be himself and not worry about what the neighbours were going to say. Where it would be infinitely easier to find a man to love who would love him in return.

“I’ll grab your suitcase, son. You and Hawk drop those boxes in your room and come down for some food.”

Colton nodded and followed Hawk up the stairs, his gaze glued to the other man’s ass hugged by the fitted, fading denim. Colton sighed. Maybe it had been a mistake to come home. Being this close to the object of his fantasies was going to be his undoing. Hawk stopped in front of his door, and waited. Shifting the box in his hands, Colton opened the door to his bedroom and allowed Hawk to enter first. Colton watched Hawk set the boxes down, before stepping next to the older man and placing his box on top. He wanted nothing more than Hawk deep in his ass, fucking him until he screamed. Colton let out another sigh as Hawk backed away and they both turned as his dad came in with his suitcase.

“Your mom is warming up some dinner for you, come on down.”

Colton nodded. “Thanks again, Hawk.”

“No problem, kid. Night, boss.” Hawk smirked before disappearing out of the door.

Kid. Hawk still saw him as a kid. Colton wanted to scream and make the older man see him as an adult. He knew Hawk was gay. Even if his mom hadn’t accidentally told him during one of his rare visits home, he knew in his gut not only was Hawk gay, but that the older man was his soul mate. They were meant for each other. He only wished Hawk saw the same thing. Hell, at this point he’d be happy with an affair. He wouldn’t completely commit to a one-night stand being enough, but he supposed if that were all he could get, he would make it last. Colton sighed and ran a hand through his hair.

“Be right down. I want to wash the road dirt off and change my clothes first,” he said as his dad continued to stare at him.


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